Thursday, April 1, 2010

PiCtUrEs ~ PiCtUrEs ~ PiCtUrEs

I took all the kids in to get pictures. The 1st one is kinda real life at our house :) Sorry about the different sizes. . .there were 3 to choose from and the little ones I chose wrong! OOPS!!!

Daisy found the PEPSI!!


The power was off so they got to bath in the kitchen sink!

Happy Easter!

Yes that is snow outside!

Brett and I went to Canada and thought Brooke could use a break as well. She is always running and doing something for me! Such a sweet-heart!

We went to the Carriage Museum and saw hundreds of carriages.

This one came across the mormon trek

She was having way to much fun being the only kid!

My cousin-in-law's dad gave us a carriage ride after the tour.

Brooke really wanted a picture with a "Canada Flag" I think we found a BIG one!!

CRAZY HAIR DAY!!! Brooke won in her class :)

Daisy loves playing with dolls!

Crazy Kids!

Who's in trouble???

Rub-a-dub-dub 4 kids in the tub!

-Danny loves Uncle Curtis-

-Daisy looks like Grandpa-

Just playin'

Building the last snowman on the deck!

-The little MONKEY-

Getting so BIG

Hangin' out :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

~We are still alive:)~

The newest addition!!! A baby colt was born while we were in Florida!!!! We are thinking about calling him Orlando :)

Yesterday was Brett's birthday! Happy Birthday to the best DAD & HUSBAND! We love you!!

Last week we went to Disney World! We had such a great time. We left the babies with my mom and took Brooke and Tucker with us! 2 kids are so easy after you are used to 4 :)

Tucker getting a kiss from his favorite princess!!!! It was soooooo funny!

-I hope it doesn't bite me-

The newest driver in the family!!!!!!

Brooke turned 6 while we were there! Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl & the best little helper a mom could ever hope to have!

-3 tired babies-



Gramdma's Christmas party!

~The best husband ever!!!! Brett planed a suprise trip for us to Vegas for a few days!!! It was so fun and nice to get away for a little bit! I even got to sleep through the night!!!! That was amazing:) We went to the rodeo, phantom and just had a great time!


Daisy is learning how to make chocolates!

Eating cereal

How cute is this little guy!


-Dog, Duck, Ladybug, Cat-

Carving pumpkins

playing in the leaves

Well even after all this I am still behind-the babies are getting bigger daily!!! Hopefully sooner than later I will get more pictures on here:)